Are You Forsaking God?

by Janet Cassidy

One of my personal prayers is that God will show me when I am forsaking Him for false idols. If we take away the idol image of worship and statue, then a false idol becomes something we turn to in confidence and trust; something that deceptively appears to benefit us. Unfortunately, these false idols slip into our lives and we do not realize the place of importance we give them.

I have found that when the false idols slip in, too often they take our focus away from God. They begin to consume our thoughts and jade our perspective. For instance, if I ask myself, “What fills my little brain daily?” sometimes the answers reveal my false idols.

Am I fretting over unrealistic numbers on the (weight) scale and forsaking the beauty of my body which God created? (false idol: image)

Am I obsessing about money and forgetting that God is our ultimate security? (false idol: money as security)

Do I strive to control all aspects of my life (as well as those around me) to create a life centered on my will? (false idol: control)

Do I let fear inhabit me and live anxiously? (false idol: pride)

What things in your life have become your idols? Have they become a powerful force? What can you do about them?

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