Moving On

by Janet Cassidy

I was given an assignment recently to reflect on a passage in Genesis (Chapter 1). Going beyond the passage about God creating man and the earth and acknowledging the goodness therein, I got caught up in Verses 28-29 where God blessed them and said “Be fertile and multiply” and “I give you every seed-bearing plant.”

It is amazing to consider that it was God’s original design for the earth to change from its created state. Looking outside your window today, the evidence is everywhere. God didn’t plan for this earth to stand still.

Neither was it His plan for us, His creatures, to remain still either.

If our goal in life is to reach a place of contentment, where all is settled and still, we are chasing the wrong dream. Native to our existence is the momentum for growth and change.

It takes time for us to awaken to God’s plan and mature. A seed-bearing plant must first break open and sprout before it can rise to its full potential, providing sustenance or beauty to its surroundings.

Sometimes we’re stuck in the shell; sometimes we’re in the breakout stage. Better yet, is when we begin to rise.

Where are you at this time in your life?

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