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  • Book Review: “Alphatudes”

    Alphatudes: The Alphabet of Gratitude by Michele Wahlder Dallas, TX: Life Possibilities Publishing, 2010 Gratitude is indeed the secret of happiness. Appreciating what one has makes the whole world seem brighter. In “Alphatudes: The Alphabet of Gratitude” Michele Wahlder offers a unique way to count one’s blessings. Suffering from insomnia night after night, she decided […]

  • Book Review: The Spirituality of Fasting

    The Spirituality of Fasting: Rediscovering a Christian Practice by Charles M. Murphy Notre Dame: Ave Maria Press, 2010 Back in 1966, Pope Paul VI issued the apostolic constitution on fast and abstinence, Poenitemini. The intent was “to rescue fasting from the legalism and minimalism into which it had fallen.” The goal was not to remove […]

  • Book Review: “The Country House Courtship”

    The Country House Courtship by Linore Rose Burkard Eugene, OR: Harvest House Publishers “The Country House Courtship” by Linore Rose Buckard is billed as an “Inspirational Romance for the Jane Austen Soul.” That is a high standard to aspire to, but this book lives up to it! This is the third book in a series […]

  • Book Review: The Handbook for Catholic Moms

    The Handbook for Catholic Moms: Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul by Lisa M. Hendey Notre Dame, IN: Ave Maria Press, 2010 Reading The Handbook for Catholic Moms: Nurturing Your Heart, Mind, Body, and Soul is like having a warm and inviting conversation with a group of your closest Mom friends. Lisa Hendey, founder […]

  • Book Review: My Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories

    My Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories Compiled by Heidi Hess Saxton Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2009 Reviewed by Patrice Fagnant-MacArthur I was so excited to get “My Big Book of Catholic Bible Stories” in the mail. Well- known Catholic writer and editor Heidi Hess Saxton has done an incredible job pulling this valuable resource […]

  • Book Review: Do I Have to Go?

    Do I Have To Go? by Matthew Pinto and Chris Stefanick West Chester, PA: Ascension Press, 2008 “Do I Have to Go? 101 Questions about the Mass, the Eucharist, and Your Spiritual Life” is primarily written for teenagers and young adults who are questioning the reason for needing to go to Mass each Sunday. Yet, […]

  • Book Review: Have a Little Faith

    Have a Little Faith: A True Story by Mitch Albom New York: Hyperion, 2009 In Have a Little Faith: A True Story, Mitch Albom, the author of such best-sellers as “Tuesdays with Morrie” and “The Five People You Meet in Heaven” has once again hit a home run. This true-life tale begins with a question. […]

  • Book Review: “The Liturgical Year”

    The Liturgical Year: The Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual Life – The Ancient Practices Series by Joan Chittister, OSB Nashville, TN, 2009 Having read several of the books in “The Ancient Practices Series” edited by Phyllis Tickle, I was excited to get my hands on this latest offering. “The Liturgical Year” focuses, as the title […]

  • Book Review: “Dear God, I Don’t Get It”

    Dear God, I don’t get it! by Patti Maguire Armstrong Illustrated by Shannon Wirrenga Reviewed by Christine Hebert Aaron Ajax is a sixth grader who has not has much change in his life. He has had the same best friend since the first day of kindergarten. He has never moved. There has been no hardship […]

  • Book Review: One Simple Act

    One Simple Act: Discovering the Power of Generosity by Debbie Macomber New York: Howard Books, 2009 Debbie Macomber is well-known for her best-selling fiction. However, in “One Simple Act,” she has written a beautiful non-fiction offering with an important message. As she states, Macomber’s goal in writing this “is to surprise you with the multiple […]