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  • What about Purgatory?

    Purgatory is one of those things we don’t hear about very much anymore. In fact, a recent survey conducted by US Catholic indicted only 73% of Catholics believe purgatory even exists (interestingly enough, 77% believe that their prayers can help those in purgatory get to heaven). I can understand how the idea of purgatory makes […]

  • Book Review: 12 Strong Women of God and The Jesus Women

    Looking for a book for your women’s Bible study? Look no further. 12 Strong Women of God: Biblical Models for Today which focuses on Biblical women of the Old Testament, and The Jesus Women which focuses on the New Testament, will provide much inspiration and food for thought and discussion. Marci Alborghetti creates a compelling […]

  • Book Review: The Apostles, Illustrated Edition

    The Apostles: Illustrated Edition by Pope Benedict XVI Our Sunday Visitor, 2008 “The Apostles: Illustrated Edition” is a compilation of Pope Benedict XVI’s weekly general audiences given from March 15, 2006 to October 18, 2006. The first thing one notices about this illustrated edition is the incredible beauty of the book. Almost every page features […]

  • A Baby Changes Everything

    In the quiet of night, a young mother holds her baby to her, admiring his fingers and toes, exploring the features of his face. Her son is new to this world, a gift from God. She is like every other new mother, filled with wonder and exhaustion and, perhaps, fear. She is very young. Is […]

  • A Wonderful, Imperfect, Life

    “Mom, what is this movie about?” a child asked his mother as “It’s a Wonderful Life” was just beginning. “It’s about a man who is in trouble through no fault of his own and he wishes that he had never been born. He thinks other people’s lives would be better that way. But an angel […]

  • Different Children’s Bible Versions

    by Christa Kowalczyk Bibles for children are a beautiful addition to a family library. Various children’s bibles are available in almost every bookstore around the metro. One of the greatest things parents would do to their child is to teach God’s good news. A good birthday gift is to give your kids a children’s Bible. […]