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  • Lot’s Wife and Me

    Lot’s wife is one of those Biblical characters we usually don’t think about very much. If we do, it is usually with a very negative impression. She is given no name of her own and is mentioned only three times in all of Scripture. The first time is in the book of Genesis. Angels came […]

  • Does God Actually Have a Plan for Our Lives?

    When my time in this world is over, I hope that I have the opportunity to ask God one question. Actually, I would like to ask many more than one, but if could ask only one it would be: Was there a plan for my life? A good friend and I debate this frequently. I […]

  • The Power of Contrast

    Guest Post by Hrvoje Butkovic A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of meeting an extraordinary person. It was a chance encounter. I was walking to a nearby store and she was going in the opposite direction. She waved to get my attention, and then handed me a piece of paper. The written message […]

  • Missy Buchanan and Ministering to the Elderly

    This interview with Missy Buchanan crossed my desk today and I visited her blog at Her books are written from a Christian perspective. It seems that they speak to a real need in our world. Even when age creeps up on the body and mind, and life changes from what it once was, is […]

  • Three Lessons from the Baptism of Jesus

    The Baptism of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew is a relatively short scripture passage – a mere five versus (Matthew 3: 13- 17), yet it offers some powerful lessons for us today. Lesson 1: Always do the will of the Father, even when it doesn’t seem to make sense. At first glance, the Baptism […]

  • The Gifts we Bring

    At Mass this Sunday, the Epiphany was reenacted. Three men from our parish community served as the three wise men; their children accompanying them, serving as pages. They laid their three gifts before the statue of the Christ child: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. Those are unusual gifts for a baby. I’m sure many of you […]

  • Qualities to Work on in the New Year

    With the new year right around the corner, many of us make lists of physical things we’d like to change. Losing weight and exercising more seem to top many lists. Quitting smoking or drinking less may top others. Simplifying, organizing, and reducing clutter is another popular item. These are all good things and worth striving […]

  • Book Review: “Women of Opus Dei in Their Own Words”

    Women of Opus Dei: In Their Own Words Edited by M.T. Oates, Linda Ruf, and Jenny Driver MD New York: Crossroad Publishing Company, 2009 Opus Dei received a great deal of negative publicity a few years back when “The DaVinci Code” by Dan Brown was making headlines. In some ways, this book is a response […]

  • It’s Hard to Be Patient

    The second reading for this week (James 5:7-10) exhorts us to be patient in waiting for the coming of the Lord. James urges us to look at the example of farmers who must wait for the fruit of the earth. This is a good example. Some things, such as the growing of food, or a […]

  • Learning to Trust Like St. Joseph

    Being a woman, I tend to focus on Mary rather than Joseph when I look at the Holy Family. However, in the season of Advent, Joseph has much to teach us about what it means to wait, trust, and be faithful to God. Joseph was in a difficult situation. The woman he loved and was […]