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  • Book Review: The Rosary Workout

    The Rosary Workout by Peggy Bowes Bezalel Books, 2010 A former member of the Air Force, Peggy Bowes is a personal trainer, Spinning instructor and lifestyle and weight management consultant. In writing “The Rosary Workout,” she sought to create “a plan that would help a person improve both physically and spiritually . . . an […]

  • Believe in Miracles

    I’m not sure at what exact age it happened, but at some point my Christmas wish list changed from things that fit under the Christmas tree to less tangible things that don’t come in boxes. I wish for healing for friends and family members who are suffering, either physically or emotionally. I wish for peace […]

  • Book Review: “A Time to Plant”

    A Time to Plant: Life Lessons in Work, Prayer, and Dirt by Kyle Kramer Notre Dame: Ave Maria Press, 2010 I admit it. When I received a review copy of “A Time to Plant: Life Lessons in Work, Prayer, and Dirt,” I cringed. A book about back-to-basics living? No, thank you. In my defense, I […]

  • Hunger for the Eucharist

    For as long as I have had the honor of receiving communion, the rule has been to fast for one hour before reception. The days of fasting from midnight are real to me only in light of my parents’ memories. I am thankful that the rule was changed. It was a necessity in light of […]

  • Being Persistent in Prayer

    If we are told “No” or ignored repeatedly, most of us will eventually give up. If we are tenacious, we might try a different route to obtain what we are looking for. Otherwise, we might simply curl up in a corner and cry. The second reading and the Gospel this week both emphasize the importance […]

  • A Senior’s Prayer

    I came across this prayer in a little book of prayers that came in the mail today from the The Central Association of the Miraculous Medal in Philadelphia, PA. A Senior’s Prayer Come, Virgin Mary, come and stay with me, for my day is far spent. Come when I am lonely and my spirit cries […]

  • St Teresa of Avila Interior Castle

    October 15th is the feast day of St. Teresa of Avila. A Carmelite nun living in the 1500s, one of her most famous works is “Interior Castle” (known as “The Mansions” in her native Spain) which she wrote at the request of her confessor. A mystic who communed intimately with God, she had experienced a […]

  • Book Review: Paths to Prayer

    Paths to Prayer: A Field Guide to Ten Catholic Traditions by Pat Fosarelli Notre Dame: Ave Maria Press, 2010 Have you ever heard someone speak of “Augustian spirituality” or “Ignatian Spirituality” or “Dominican spirituality” and not been sure exactly what he was talking about? What does it mean to speak about different schools of spiritual […]

  • Setting Realistic Goals

    I am a very task oriented person. I know not everyone shares my joy in making to-do lists and then crossing things off of them once they are accomplished, but for me this is one of the simple pleasures in life. Certainly, I wish that there weren’t quite so many things on the to-do lists […]

  • Prayer to St. Faustina

    2010 is the 10th Anniversary of the Canonization of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska, who was chosen by God to help promote the importance of Divine Mercy. Her feast day is October 5th. Prayer to St. Faustina Saint Faustina, You told us that you mission would continue after your death and that you would not forget […]