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  • Book Review: “A Willing Heart”

    A Willing Heart: How to Serve When You Think You Can’t by Marci Alborghetti Notre Dame: Ave Maria Press, 2011 What does it mean to practice Christian service? Do we really love Jesus if we ignore His frequent exhortation to service? How do we open ourselves to the God-given grace that makes service possible? These […]

  • Book Review: Pathway to Our Hearts

    Pathway to Our Hearts: A Simple Approach to Lectio Divina With the Sermon on the Mount by Archbishop Thomas Collins Notre Dame: Ave Maria Press, 2011 Archbishop Thomas Collins states “Lectio divina is a prayerful encounter with the word of God. By the ‘word of God,’ I do not mean simply the text of the […]

  • Book Review: Partners in Holiness

    Partners in Holiness: Guardian Angels in the Lives of the Saints by Melaine Ryther I have always found stories of Guardian Angels fascinating. For this reason, I was very excited to have the opportunity to review “Partners in Holiness,” a new ebook by Melaine Ryther that focuses on the role of Guardian Angels in the […]

  • Book Review: “Fragments of Your Ancient Name”

    Fragments of Your Ancient Name: 365 Glimpses of the Divine for Daily Meditation by Joyce Rupp Notre Dame: Sorin Books, 2011 Litanies, or the repeating of various names of Jesus or Mary, as a form of prayer has a long tradition in the Catholic Church. In “Fragments of Your Ancient Name,” Joyce Rupp explores 365 […]

  • Book Review: “The Power of the Sacraments”

    The Power of the Sacraments by Sr. Briege McKenna, O.S.C. Cincinnati, OH: Servant Books, 2010 The first thing one notices about “The Power of the Sacraments” by Sr. Briege McKenna is its size. This is a small book – a mere 64 pages. Does it actually have something new and valuable to say about the […]

  • Book Review: “A Billion Reasons Why”

    A Billion Reasons Why by Kristin Billerback Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2011 Reading “A Billion Reasons Why” by Kristin Billerbeck is like enjoying a sweet piece of milk chocolate. It is a big helping of literary comfort food. Katie McKenna thought she left her life as a singer and dancer in New Orleans behind her, along […]

  • Book Review: “Pausing to Pray – Lenten Meditations for Busy People”

    Pausing To Pray Lenten Meditations for Busy People With Excerpts from the Diary of St. Faustina and Meditations by Marian Fathers of the Immaculate Conception Compiled and arranged by Sarah M. Chichester Stockbridge, MA: Marian Press, 2010 Lent is right around the corner. “Pausing to Pray: Lenten Meditations for Busy People” offers short reflections for […]

  • Book Review: Exposed

    Exposed: Inexcusable Me…Irreplaceable Him by Shannon M. Dietz Pleasant Word, 2010 At World Youth Day 2005 in Kolin, Germany, Shannon Dietz was approached by a stranger with a startling message. “God is using you and wants you to be bold. He wants you to tell your story – all of it. Some people may not […]

  • Book Review: “Flight Plan: Your Mission to Become a Man”

    Flight Plan by Lee Burns & Braxton Brady PDS Publishing, 2010 Obviously, I have little first-hand knowledge of the challenges that come with growing from a boy to a man, yet I am in charge of raising two boys who will all too soon be facing this transition. It is through those eyes that I […]

  • Book Review: “A Life in Letters”

    Thomas Merton: A Life in Letters: The Essential Collection Edited by William H. Shannon and Christine M. Bochen Notre Dame: Ave Maria Press, 2010 I came to “A Life in Letters” knowing relatively little about Thomas Merton. I had heard of him, knew he was a monk, and that he died in Asia in the […]