Book Review: 12 Strong Women of God and The Jesus Women

Looking for a book for your women’s Bible study? Look no further. 12 Strong Women of God: Biblical Models for Today
which focuses on Biblical women of the Old Testament, and The Jesus Women
which focuses on the New Testament, will provide much inspiration and food for thought and discussion. Marci Alborghetti creates a compelling portrait of each of these women. Where the Biblical record is more comprehensive, such as with Ruth or Esther, she sticks very closely to that record. Where the details of these women’s lives are more elusive, Alborghetti uses more imagination, but nevertheless remains faithful to what is in the Bible. Her first-person narratives place the reader directly into the story and invite the reader into a personal relationship with each of these women. Her portraits of “The Samaritan Woman,” “The Canaanite Woman,” and “The Adulteress” in The Jesus Women
are particularly riveting.

Alborghetti also includes a set of probing discussion questions at the end of each woman’s story. These questions allow for reflection on that particular woman and the lessons she has to teach us today.

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