Prayer for Widows

God the Father, we offer you the rest of our time on earth and this day, that we may serve with love and come to eternal life. May our husbands be blessed on their journey in eternity and everyone in our families be saved.

Holy Spirit, be a comfort to all widows, especially the newly bereaved. Send wisdom to all Dedicated and Consecrated widows.

Jesus, our bridegroom, Savior of our souls, delight of our hearts, help us.

Mary, exalted widow, mother of the Church, our model and intercessor; pray for us.

St. Joseph, protector of Mary and the Child Jesus, and helper of widows, guide us in the trials of daily life.

This prayer was in the Jan/Feb 2009 issue of Canticle Magazine in an article by Dr. Rhonda Chervin, author of “Walk with me, Jesus: A Widow’s Journey”


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