Book Review: Where Do I Go?

Where Do I Go?: A Yada Yada House of Hope Novel

by Neta Jackson
Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, 2008

To the outside world, Gabby Fairbanks would seem to have it all – a wealthy, successful husband, a pernthouse apartment, and two sons she loves, but appearances are not everything. She has just been uprooted to Chicago for her husband’s new business venture, is having marital difficulties, and her children are hundreds of miles away at boarding school. She is lonely and lost. When she trips over Lucy, a homeless woman, at the beach, she is introduced to Manna House, a local homeless shelter for woman. She soon begins to spend more and more time there, to her husband’s chagrin. The staff and residents there offer her acceptance and an outlet for her God-given talents. She also begins rediscovering a relationship with God. She is attempting to trust in God and do what God wants, but it isn’t helping things go any smoother. Her marriage is even more on the rocks, her mother needs care, and her relationship with her sons is rocky at best. Gabby is a likable character and readers will truly care about what happens to her. It is a very enjoyable read. The only caveat in reading this book is that there is no definite resolution. As part of a series, readers will need to wait another year to find out what happens to Gabby. I’m looking forward to the next installment.

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