Book Review: Real Women, Real Saints

Real Women, Real Saints: Friends for Your Spiritual Journey
by Gina Loehr
Cincinnati, OH: Servant Books, 2008

Gina Loehr has compiled a wonderful collection of women saints’ biographies in “Real Women, Real Saints: Friends for Your Spiritual Journey.” Loehr, who has a master’s degree theology from Franciscan University of Steubenville, writes that “sanctity will never fit into a formula. . . In these pages God’s image is reflected in a hundred different forms. . . Every story in this book tells of a relationship between the Savior of the universe and a woman who loved him enough to live in harmony with his will.”

Loehr divides the saints into seven major categories: Women of Faith, Women of Hope, Women of Charity, Women of Prudence, Women of Justice, Women of Fortitude, and Women of Temperance. In reality, however, the majority of these holy women exhibited many of these virtues. Loehr is to be commended for the wide variety of saints she has profiled. While the well-known saints no hagiographical work could be complete without have been included, such as Joan of Arc, Mary Magdalene, Teresa of Avila, Anne, Catherine of Siena, Clare, Rose of Lima, and Therese of Lisieux, Loehr has also included many lesser-known saints. Reading about these saints is fascinating and will encourage the making of new friends up in heaven. As Loehr states, “the Church recognizes the value of having specific role models and helpers to assist us during the course of our daily lives.” These saints will provide much inspiration and will hopefully encourage readers to find out more about their favorite holy women. Among these pages, there are role models for every women from every walk of life.

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