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  • Book Review: Stories for the Homeschool Heart

    Stories for the Homeschool Heart Compiled and Edited by Patti Maguire Armstrong and Theresa A. Thomas Waterford, MI: Bezalel Books, 2010 As the title suggests, “Stories for the Homeschool Heart: Heavenly Stories of Inspiration, Hope and Joy” is a compilation of stories by homeschoolers and friends of homeschoolers intended to bring support and encouragement to […]

  • Book Review: “God is Love”

    God Is Love: Deus Caritas Est by Pope Benedict XVI San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2006 “God is Love,” also known by its Latin title “Deus Caritas Est,” was Pope Benedict XVI’s first papal encyclical given on Christmas Day 2005. As the title suggests, it focuses on the nature and importance of love. The title comes […]

  • Book Review: God Moments

    God Moments: Stories that Inspire, Moments to Remember by Michele Elena Bondi Rochester: Joseph Karl Publishing, 2010 Have you ever experienced a “God Moment?” – a time in your life when God worked behind the scenes to move things in a certain direction. Some people refer to these as coincidences, mere situations of chance. For […]

  • BooK Review: “Where do Priests Come From?”

    Where Do Priests Come From? by Elizabeth Ficocelli Waterford, MI: Bezalel Books, 2010 From a child’s perspective, priests can sometimes seem very mysterious. After all, they dress differently and live differently and do different things than all of the other people in their lives. It can be hard to imagine that they were once little […]

  • Book Review: The Walk

    The Walk: A Novel (Walk Series) by Richard Paul Evans New York: Simon & Schuster, 2010 As a long-time fan of Richard Paul Evans, author of “The Christmas Box” and several other best-selling books, I was so excited to pick up his latest offering, “The Walk.” Alan Christofferson had it all – a beautiful wife […]

  • Book Review: “Angels and Wonders”

    Angels and Wonders: True Stories of Heaven on Earth by Joan Wester Anderson Chicago: Loyola Press, 2008 “Angels and Wonders” is actually a reprint of a 1996 book “Where Wonders Prevail” so if you own that one, you don’t need to buy or read this one. It also means that the stories and references in […]

  • Book Review: “Saint Francis”

    Saint Francis (Christian Encounters Series) by Robert West Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2010 St. Francis, who lived and preached in the 13th century, is one of Christianity’s most beloved saints. Like many saints, however, time has served to separate him from the actual life he lived. In many minds, he is known only as the lover […]

  • Book Review: Christmas is About Jesus

    Christmas is About Jesus: An Advent Devotional by Mukkove Johnson Tate Publishing, 2009 It might seem a bit early to be thinking about Christmas, but Advent will be here before we know it, along with all the hustle and bustle that goes along with that time of year. “Christmas is About Jesus” is a lovely […]

  • Book Review: An Angel to Watch Over Me

    Angel to Watch Over Me by Joan Wester Anderson New York: Ballantine Books, 1994 This past Saturday, Joan Wester Anderson contacted me by mistake on Facebook and recommended that I read her series on miracles. I had read and reviewed one in the series several years ago and enjoyed it greatly. Honestly, I wasn’t even […]

  • Book Review: The Notre Dame Book of Prayer

    The Notre Dame Book of Prayer Edited by Heidi Schlumpf Notre Dame, IN: Ave Maria Press, 2010 For over one hundred years, the Campus Ministry Office at Notre Dame has offered prayer books to incoming first-year students. “The Notre Dame Book of Prayer” is an attempt to share that gift with the larger Notre Dame […]